Netgear range extenders are the most significant and convenient way to extend your existing wifi network and convert a dead zone into an active zone. Setup is easy and quick but not every time, here are some common issues along with their resolution.

Unable to access

Mywifiext is the best way to setup the extender and connects extender with your existing router wifi network. However, sometimes it doesn’t respond and there could be several reasons behind it. Let’s have a look

  • Make sure the extender is turned on and has booted properly, to start the setup process a connection between the extender and device (laptop) is mandatory. Ensure proper connection (wired or wireless) between extender and device.
  • Check if you have entered the web address correctly any mistake in the URL may not allow you to open the setup website properly and can redirect you somewhere else.
  • If the problem still persists, turn off the extender and wait for 1 minute then turn it back on and follow the following instructions.
  1. Once the extender has booted and started showing its wifi network
  2. Connect your laptop with extender
  3. Launce www.mywifiext net and look for setup page
  4. Follow the onscreen instructions to complete the setup part
  5. Once the extender is setup successfully it will show its network id as of your router network id and will suffix _ext. Example RouterID_Ext

Getting error: You are not connected to your extender’s WiFi network?

To setup the extender using, a connection with extender is important. If the connection between extender and device is improper it causes this error. Quick troubleshooting

  • Ensure connection is intact between extender and device.
  • Close the browser and open it again and see if it works. Try deleting the cookies and catches of the browser.
  • Try opening the website using run window, open run window and enter www.mywifiexte net and hit enter.
  • If you are using Ethernet cable make sure it’s not defective.
  • If it’s a wifi connection ensure it’s connected to the right extender SSID.

Lights on Extender are not lit

Light will help you to know the status of your extender, in most of the extenders 3 green lights (Power, WPS, Router) signifies successful setup but if you don’t see them or no light appears on it then some remedial actions can be performed.

  • Make sure the extender has been plugged into the power outlet properly and still if you don’t see any light, press the power button on the extender.
  • If the extender is configured and still some lights are not lit then it could be an issue with the firmware. Mostly it can happen with WPS light. If the WPS light is not lit then a firmware change may resolve this issue.
  • To update or change the firmware, contact us on 1-866-808-5847.
  • If your extender has more than 4 lights (Power, WPS, Router and Client) and you have trouble understanding them then contact our support specialist.

Can’t connect to extender?

Facing difficulty connection to your extender wifi network? Try these troubleshooting steps:

  • Try moving your device near to the extender or extender near to the router.
  • Turn off the laptop and turn it back on and then connect with extender network.
  • Turn off your extender and turn it back on after 1 minute of halt and try connecting again.
  • Try refreshing the network adopter of your laptop, follow disable and enable from network connections.
  • Ensure entering the correct password, passwords are case sensitive make sure entering them in right case. Once extender is setup normally it adopts the same password as of your router.
  • Make sure extender has all 3 lights in green color any missing light or different color may require extender re-setup.

No internet on extender network

No internet on extender network is not common but still can happen, once you connect to extender network it’ll show ‘No Internet’ on it. Here are some common reasons and fixation:

  • May your router has no active internet connection or some outage is going in your area. Contact your ISP to confirm any ongoing outage in your area.
  • Any sort of changes on router like router wifi password, router network etc can terminate the connectivity and cause this error.
  • Reduce distance between router and extender, move it little close to router for better connectivity.
  • Channels on your extender could be the reason for this issue, in such case changing wifi channels may resolve ‘No Internet’ error. For this login into your extender page and change the channels from the wifi section.

Reset password or change password on extender

Password is important and only way to connect to extender’s wifi network. To reset the password, find the reset hole on the extender.

Insert a paper pin into the reset hole and hold it for 10 seconds and then release it. Extender will reboot and will be reset. Once extender is reset you can set it up again with required password.

To change the password, contact our specialists. Web Based Extender Setup

Extender IP is used to setup the extender and to even the extender setting. Extender can also be configured using this IP address and this will also help in accessing the extender page.

To login into the extender the page open the IP address using a browser and enter username and password, after successful authentication all setting of the extender can be accessed and any change can be made like changing wifi password, wifi name or manage the connected devices.

If mywifiext is not working alternately this IP can be used to make extender working.