Netgear Genie

Genie is a perfect tool to monitor activities on your network. Netgear Genie will help you in finding all the network connections. Using Genie a list of all connected devices on the network can be seen. It’ll show how many devices are currently connected to your network along with their unique IP address.

Genie is available for Windows and Mac. Genie will even show you if a new device connects to your network. It’ll show notifications once a device connects.

Genie shows your internet status, wifi status even gives you option to change your router settings. Using Genie you can login into your router and can change the various settings of router. You can even set the parental control for your wifi using this tool.

Genie can even help you to test your internet speed. Speed test can help you check your internet speed and in case of slow internet some troubleshooting can also be performed. The best way to fix the issue is power cycle your router.

Download Netgear Genie for Windows:

Download Netgear Genie for Mac: