New Extender Setup

Netgear Extenders have wide range and you can choose them as per your requirement. Setup process of most of the extenders is common. Here the list of some popular extenders with their setup method.

  • EX6400 Setup
  • EX7300 Setup
  • EX6120 Setup
  • AC2200 EX7500 Setup
  • Wn3000 Setup
  • EX5000 Setup
  • EX6250 Setup
  • EX6400 Setup
  • EX3700 Setup
  • EX6150 Setup
  • EX7000 Setup
  • EX6100 Setup
  • EX2800 Setup

Most common ways to setup an extender are:

  1. WPS Method
  2. Manual Method or Genie Method
  3. Method

Extender Setup WPS Method:

WPS stands for wifi protected setup and is the easiest way to setup your extender. To setup extender using WPS method, follow these instructions:

  • Turn on the extender and place it within the wifi range of your router, its better if you can place it near to the router for the initial setup.
  • Once extender is booted, look for the WPS button on extender and press it and within minute press WPS on your router. If your router doesn’t support WPS then follow the Genie setup.
  • WPS light on extender will start blinking and signifies WPS is in progress and once successful it’ll be solid.
  • And that’s it extender is setup and now you can move it to the desired location where you want to place the extender.

A router light on extender will help you find the optimum place to plug the extender. Red light on extender means bad signal from router, it’s always recommended to move extender near to the router for better coverage.

Extender Setup Manual Method (Genie Setup):

If your router doesn’t support WPS method then manual method is the alternate to setup your extender. Steps to setup extender using also known as manual method.

  • Place both the devices near to each other and turn of the extender.
  • Now with the help of laptop or any other wifi device open a website and it’ll show you Extender Setup page.
  • Click on New Extender Setup button and enter the details to create an account.
  • Select the router wifi network you want to extend and enter the password to authenticate it.
  • Select the network name and password for your extender and all set.
  • Extender is setup and ready to use. Now move the extender on its place. Setup Method

If the connection between laptop and extender is via Ethernet then we use this method. Ethernet means there is a direct hardwired connection between the computer and extender.

In this process we hit the IP address and the follow the onscreen instructions to complete the setup part. Once setup is complete extender will show the solid router light, indicates it’s connected to the router and ready to use.

Extender Setup and Lights Combinations

Once extender is setup successfully, it’ll show 3 lights for sure. Missing any lights among these 3 lights means unsuccessful setup. The lights are:

  • Power
  • WPS
  • Router

If extender has multiple lights then look for these 3 lights. At least these 3 lights should be solid. In some extenders router lights is divided into 2.4GHZ light and 5GHZ light.