Q&A Troubleshooting

  • Check connection between device and extender is intact any limitation in connection may create problem in opening the setup website.
  • Clear cookies and cache of your browser and also try to change the browser.
5Ghz works on extender only if your router supports 5Ghz, if it doesn’t contact your ISP to get it enabled. Any configuration issue in setup stops working of 5Ghz. It requires reset and reconfiguration of the extender.
5Ghz is subjected to distance, if you are unable to connect to the 5Ghz confirms the password for it. And if it doesn’t show in wifi list then check the distance between device and extender or between router and extender. Reduction is distance may resolve this issue.
A forgotten password can be retrieved using some tools or alternately extender cab be reset and configure again with new password.
WPS should be lit if extender is setup and configured properly. Any issue in firmware can cause the light issues on extender. To resolve the issue change the firmware of your extender.
To change the wifi password, login into your extender and look for the wireless option. In wireless option look for the network you want to change password for. Change the password and enter it again to confirm it. Once done password will be changed.
Extenders are used to extend the network not to boost the signals. Its normal if speed on extender drops to some extent. But if the difference of speed on router and extender is a lot then it needs to get diagnosed. Contact us for such troubleshooting.